For RVers

While our team loves our industry, we are first and foremost RVers ourselves. Our site would not be complete without some tips, trends, and tricks for fellow RVers.

“Forgive me for what I said while we were parking the 5th Wheel!” 

Great Ideas

Do you have a great idea that you think should be communicated to the manufacturers and suppliers? They are listening. Share it with them. If you don’t know how to connect with them individually. You can share it with me.


Need An Answer

The internet is full of places to find answers to your questions. Unfortunately, not every “expert” is equal. In fact, in a recent (non-scientific) study of solutions provided via various blogs or YouTube channels over 50% of the answers were not only wrong, but could be dangerous. Make sure that when you are searching for answers, you also research the person providing the answers. Some of the ones I love and recommend are:

Best Technology

There are lots of blogs on where to find the right technology with great reviews. Taking advice on any of these tools is really just a matter of opinion. Here are my favorites:

Working Opportunities From The Road

I’m so glad we didn’t wait until we “retired” to start our RV lifestyle. Whether you want to live on the road full time, or just want to travel months a year rather than just weekends and a week of vacation, you can do it. I was fortunate when we started to be working in technology which gave me the option of working remotely. Since COVID, now there are many more jobs that you can do from the road or even work within the RV industry. Want to know more? Ping us!


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Links to my favorite resources.