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Sandy Ellingson | Connecting the perfect campers to perfect destinations.

Empower your presence in the RV industry with our team, your ultimate partners in innovation and consulting. If you’re seeking a seasoned expert with a passion for transformative projects, your search ends here. We specialize in dynamic collaborations with campground owners, operators, RV manufacturers, and OEMs—offering unparalleled expertise in marketing, technology, and business development. From revolutionizing campground experiences to spearheading projects that make life easier for manufacturers and their customers at all levels, we’re your dedicated ally in progress. Beyond consultants, we’re architects of success, committed to guiding you through the ever-evolving industry landscape. Don’t miss the chance to shape an exciting future—connect with Sandy Ellingson today, and let’s pave the way for your comprehensive success in the RV industry.


We share a collective vision for the future of the outdoor hospitality industry, one that encompasses the proactive collaboration of all six primary verticals to forge a robust ecosystem poised for enduring growth. We’re eager to guide you in your role and how you can actively contribute to the growth of our amazing ecosystem.


We stand at the forefront of innovation, where our expertise and passion for connection meet.  Disruptive in technology speaks to change that will have a positive and transforming impact. Our collective journey has placed us at the beginning of technological advances, participating in pivotal launches long before their impact was known. This wave of change is poised to sweep through our industry. Brace for it, embrace it, and let’s lead the charge together.



We embrace our inner nerds with a passion for research, diving deep into data analytics to unearth those enlightening truths nestled within the numbers. We thrive on engaging in meaningful dialogue, posing thought-provoking questions, and deriving insights from the responses. Our zest for staying ahead of trends, particularly in technology, allows us to curate the finest advancements for those we serve. With a rich history rooted in technology, we’re adept at identifying promising opportunities and translating those opportunities to our clients.

Revenue Management

We specialize in making recommendations on cutting-edge revenue management services and other trending tools tailored for the outdoor hospitality sector. Our expertise lies in connecting you with the right partners for optimizing your financial performance and leveraging the latest industry innovations to enhance guest experiences. Sometimes those services are provided by our team and sometimes we make a referral to those we have pre-vetted and stand behind the services that they offer. No matter how we deliver solutions on these critical topics, you’ll gain access to strategies that maximize occupancy, streamline operations, and drive growth, ensuring your campground or RV resort thrives in today’s competitive market. 

Strategic Planning

We offer strategic guidance to elevate your vision, from event planning to business expansion. Our best practices and expert advice are tailored to ensure your success in every endeavor.


We consider ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell as a strategic must read for our team. It underscores the pivotal roles of connectors and mavens in shaping influential networks. (Read the book for more insight, it’s timeless!) Together, we’re committed to helping great people connect with great people, fostering a united front for collective strength and growth.


With the love for the great outdoors expanding and the surge in demand for authentic, memorable experiences, now is the prime moment for strategic marketing in the outdoor hospitality industry. Our team believes that through targeted, innovative marketing strategies, we can capture this growing interest and guide it towards the unique offerings of campgrounds and RV resorts. By leveraging the latest digital trends and data-driven insights, we can create compelling narratives that resonate with modern adventurers, ensuring that our clients stand out in a competitive landscape. (FYI: Our team has access to the best software needed to do this successfully at a much lower cost to you! When we can be efficient, it saves us time and you money!)


We understand that efficient operating procedures are crucial for delivering the best customer experience. In the outdoor hospitality industry, seamless communication and collaboration tools are essential to create a cohesive camper experience. We advocate for proactive communication and strategic planning as key components of our operational future. The emerging generation of campers demands more engagement, care, and interaction than ever before. With the digital landscape offering platforms like YouTube, the reach is vast, but so is the risk—one misstep can have significant repercussions. Navigating the pros and cons of this online world is complex, yet integrating technology into your operations is imperative. Our team is poised to assist you in making informed decisions regarding human resources, business policies, and technology, ensuring your first steps are the right ones. This improved statement shifts the focus from an individual to a collective approach, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and the integration of technology in operations.

Overcoming Fear

We completely understand the hesitation that many in the campground community have towards technology. It’s true, the term “technology” can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s all about making connections easier, communication clearer, and collaboration more effective. It’s about creative innovation that feels natural, not forced.

Think of it like a campfire. Just as a campfire is the center of warmth and storytelling, technology can be the heart of connection and growth. It doesn’t have to be complex; it can be as simple as adding an online booking button that is accessible to campers anytime, anywhere.

 Our vision is to help campgrounds and suppliers embrace these tools at their own pace, and help them to understand these sometimes complex topics by using analogies and object lessons drawn from the camping world we know and love. By demystifying technology and showing how it can enhance the camping experience, we can help the industry evolve without losing the personal touch that makes camping special.

Can We Help Your Business or Campground?

Can We Help Your Business

or Campground?

What is an advocate, advisor and consultant?

An advocate is like a cheerleader, a coach, and a fan all rolled into one. But it doesn’t stop there. To be an advisor you must have experience, knowledge, and vision for where something is headed and then the heart to connect all the pieces towards ultimate success for all. The advocate is your champion and the advisor is your guide. But sometimes, you just can’t accomplish what you need with an advocate or advisor. That is when a consultant provides the biggest benefit. Our team will do a discovery call with your organization, free of charge, to determine what level of assistance you need. We love it when we can be the advisor or advocate, saving you money and us time! We however are privileged if we are chosen to serve in a consulting role with you.

How Do I Know if your service Is Right for Me?

Connect with us. The entire Outdoor Hospitality Industry is growing rapidly. Great growth can also create gaps in skill sets, challenges with resources, and often feelings of being overwhelmed. You’re not in this alone. Our goal is to make a difference, with people who want to make a difference, doing things that make a difference. To do that, we will help us both make the right decision about if we are the right fit for each other.

Do You Only Work With CAMPGROUNDS?

While our passion is campgrounds and we feel that they are the center of the outdoor hospitality universe, we work with every sector of the of our ecosystem. Our passion is in connecting each aspect of the whole so that we are all working with one goal: To Keep People Happily Camping!

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

We work on retainer as well as on a project basis. We find that it is easier for many of our clients if we just manage their social media posts (as an example) and we can do it easier and quicker than they can.  We will tailor our services to your team’s skills, time, and resources. We can mentor you to success and then fade to the background like a safety net or we can do it all. If you have questions about your needs, connect with us for more details.







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