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Redefining “Home”


Originally posted on my RVillage blog:

As I write this we are in route back to GA, the state I have called home for most of my life. We embarked on our full time adventure 3 months ago, but it already seems like much longer. We have seen so much and met so many amazing people that we can’t imagine why we didn’t do this sooner.  In 90 days, we have really learned the meaning of “Home is where you park it!”, a popular phrase among RV’ers.  So as we roll down the road, I find myself having a hard time answering the simplest question:

Where are you headed?

A few months ago, I would have said. “We are headed HOME!” And I have actually said that a couple of times this week.  But, I also remember saying hundreds of times over the last 90 days, “We are headed home!” and that meant our motorhome, not a location on the map but a place.  Again, it brings to mind another popular phrase in general, “HOME is where the heart is.”

So as a full time RV’er, I am learning to redefine the meaning of home and how I use the term. GA will always be home as my birth place.  Most of my family is there and so much of my heart will always be there as well. But after only 90 days, our beast”, the 40 ft home on wheels with very few belongings, has also become home.

dsc_0018In 90 days, I’ve experienced extreme joy and amazement. I’ve been able to see parts of God’s creation that bring me to my knees in awe.



I’ve also experience hurt feelings. It’s sad how some people don’t get the desire to live full time on the road. Even sadder that they think they have to share their opinion with you no matter how hurtful.

And then most surprising to me, I have found myself being an “RV snob” myself at times. I have been drawn into the conversations about what defines a “full timer?”

Does it have anything to do with how frequently they are on the move? If your rig is incapable of moving, are you still a full-timer?

I confess, I have seen rigs in parks that haven’t moved since the 70’s, and snobbishly….I don’t consider them full timers.

For me, being a full timer must include the ability to move with the wind when you want to. It might mean staying in one location for months or a year because it is a part of the adventure, but at any time, you could close the slides, lift the jacks, lower the antennae and take off on your next adventure.

So I have much more to learn and many more things to redefine within the context of my new lifestyle and I am eager to do so.

We didn’t think we would make it back to GA so soon, but I will be most happy to see family and celebrate the holidays there. I will also count the days until we are back on the road again!

How do you define home? How do you define “full-timer?”

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