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Following Jesus Wholeheartedly

The picture in this post is one of us traveling down the highway in or near Bryce Canyon.  We didn’t intend to be there.  We made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong road and then had to make a course correction to get back on track. This road was the course correction.  As I was doing my devotional that morning, the theme was following Jesus.  The author asked are you really “following Jesus” or is that just one of those catchy phrases that we all use that really has no meaning anymore? As the wheels of the coach meandered down the road, and  I reflected on the question, I knew that there were times in my life when I had made wrong turns….not really following Jesus….and then had to make a course correction.  As I gazed at the beauty before me, I thanked God for the grace that takes my mistakes and still turns them into beauty. Just like our travels, we may not always follow our routes perfectly. I am sure there will be many course corrections.  But, I sat in the front of the bus, so excited about what I was seeing, realizing that I probably never would have made the decision to take this route and I would have missed so much….and I embraced my “corrected path” wholeheartedly and with excitement.

Lesson learned:

We don’t have to be perfect.  Not in our travels. And not in following Jesus.  Don’t get me wrong…it is possible and we can be. I know that because the Bible says so.  But….most of us will never be perfect even though we want and think we should be.  But we can follow Jesus wholeheartedly. And when the mistakes come, we can allow the grace of God to correct us and find the beauty in the journey.


Thank you Lord that you desire my whole hearted devotion more than perfection or rule following. Thank you for turning my mistakes into beauty when I am willing to accept your correction. Thank you for the opportunity of this journey on the road with you. May we be a light to others wherever we go.

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