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What? I thought I learned that already!

Do you have this "self awareness" about yourself where you think you know who you are? Have you ever been through something, learned, and said, "I  will never have to learn that lesson again!" I am amazed at the lessons God is teaching us both on and off the road.  We are coming through a [...]

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Following Jesus Wholeheartedly

The picture in this post is one of us traveling down the highway in or near Bryce Canyon.  We didn't intend to be there.  We made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong road and then had to make a course correction to get back on track. This road was the course correction. [...]

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The Lies About Internet Marketing

While this blog is primarily about our travels, so many of us use social media to promote and even support our lifestyles, I thought I would pepper a few "professional" blogs in amongst the travel blogs.  I think this topic is the most important topics I could include and it was inspired by one of [...]

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Redefining “Home”

Originally posted on my RVillage blog: As I write this we are in route back to GA, the state I have called home for most of my life. We embarked on our full time adventure 3 months ago, but it already seems like much longer. We have seen so much and met so many amazing [...]

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