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Welcome to Rollin-Home!


My name is Sandy Ellingson and along with my best friend and husband, we have started a fantastic new journey living full time on the road in our 40ft Diesel Pusher Motorhome.  It took 10 years of planning but we are finally here and as many say, we are “living the dream!” (Okay we recognize this isn’t everyone’s dream, but for this season it is ours!)

After 25 years in technology consulting, I can’t just stop, I love it, and I am still too young to completely quit.  Fortunately, today’s technology allows me to do both. So as we roll down the road to our next amazing location, I work away!

I hope you will stay in touch as I transform this site into a way to follow us on our journey as well as a place to pick up great tips, ideas, and applications that can help you in your business, non-profit organization or church! Most of you coming to the site at this time are my friends and former clients, but some of you may be new and landed here looking for consulting and are wondering, “Where’s those consulting services I was looking for?”

No worries, you can find me now at Serve Studios. I joined my firm with a group of amazing young creatives who love the Lord and serving others as much as I do.


Mark and Sandy

PS: You may wonder about the “Rollin-Home!”  It has a double meaning for us. First it’s a noun. We live in a rollin-home and love it. Second, it is a verb & a philosophy of how we are viewing life these days! No matter what direction we are headed…in the end we are always rollin-home…to our final destination of heaven where we hope to hear “Well done good and faithful servants!”

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